CFC Covid-19 Information

Dog Mask 


Hello Canine Fitness Centre Family & Friends,


We wanted to send you a note to let you know what’s going on at the clinic these days.  


The Alberta government has deemed Pet Services to be ‘essential’, and we believe we are essential as well.


So, we are OPEN (ish), with several modifications to enable distancing and safety for everyone involved.  So, let’s begin:


1.Therapists:  Laurie, Jen, Erin, Margaret, Sandra and Sue are taking physio appointments at the clinic. We want to accommodate those of you who believe that we are an essential service for the wellbeing of your dog to be able bring him/her in for hands on therapies.  

2.The Pool is only open for Thursday evenings, as well as Friday and Saturday swims.  This allows us to reduce the temperature during the week and heat it up for one-day only.  We’ve noted that pool use has rapidly declined, so this was a reduction of services that we felt could be made and have minimal negative impact.

3.The Underwater Treadmill is open every day of the week.  You will note that if you are an owner that is coming IN to the appointment with your dog, you’ll have a ‘taped off area’ in which you must remain, in order to stay 6 feet / 2 meters away from the staff member operating the treadmill.


Can owners come in?  

•“Yes-ish”.  We understand that some dogs are better with their owners and that often times owners are integral in helping us to handle their dogs and for the transfer of information that occurs during a session.  So, if you want to come IN the clinic, you will need to wear a mask, and the therapist / assistant will also be wearing a mask.  If you do not have a mask, we will have re-usable masks for purchase (thank you Youtube and the efforts of Janine, Kate, Laurie’s mom, Amalia and Laurie too) and their sewing abilities.)  They will be available for $5 / mask.  You will note that they are all bagged with a date of when they were bagged – so that you know for exactly how long they have not been in touched by anyone other than yourself.

•If you would prefer to drop off your dog AND your dog is good without you and easy to handle, then we will happily meet you in the parking lot to collect your dog and then bring him/her back to you after their session.  We do ask that you come in for any initial assessments however.

•Also, you’ll note that our doors are often locked.  This is so that people do not just walk in.  Please call to let us know that you have arrived.  We’ll figure out when you can come in, or deliver a product out to you.


Additional health and safety measures

•No waiting room.  As above, the doors are locked.  Please wait in your car & call us when you arrive: 403-204-0823

•Surface wipe down:  We have beach water in every treatment room in several areas of the clinic.  So, between each client / patient interaction, everything is getting wiped down – door handles, counters, equipment, etc.  We are obsessive-compulsive about this!  We make it fresh every morning at 1000 parts per million and test it twice a day.

•Hand washing:  We are all washing hands between each appointment.  In addition to the front washroom, we have opened the first door into the ‘human’ Two Hands Physiotherapy treatment room (when it's not in use).  There is a sink immediately inside this door, and the door is propped open, so anyone can access it to wash their hands without touching door handles.  Please wash your hands.

•Payments:  If there is no-one waiting and it’s quiet – you can pay immediately after your appointment.  Alternately, you can go to your car to take your dog out, and either come back in OR call in for us to process your credit card over the phone.  If you are paying in person, you will notice the front desk distancing measures.  We have two chairs facing backwards.  Do not move them or get closer than that to the desk.  The payment pin pad is on a cart in front of the counter (and being bleached between each person… usually twice because all staff are doing it!!)

•Appointment Timing.  We are trying to run on time.  However, with the new protocols we do run behind from time to time.  Please be patient.  We promise that we are never as behind as you likely experience when waiting for a doctor’s appointment for yourself!   

•Our appointment reminders say this as well, but just to reiterate it clearly: “If you have recently travelled or anyone in your house has recently travelled, then don’t come in.”  “If you are sick, or anyone in your household is sick, or if you have been in close contact with anyone who is sick, then don’t come in.”   There is no cancellation fee at this point in time.  We’d rather you stay home.  Should you have a non-household member able to bring your dog in while you are on a travel-related quarantine, we are happy to see your dog.


Other information

•Our hours are inconsistent. We're almost back to normal, but not quite! I’d love to post a solid set of hours, but honestly, we are making changes and adjustments as we go.  Since we have therapists covering for other therapists, our hours are simply not consistent yet.  That may change as we learn the dynamics of how our ‘new operation’ will best function.  If you are coming to purchase something, please call to find out our hours for that day… and if we don’t answer, leave a message.  It could just be that we’re on the other line or busy bleaching something!


Lastly, THANK YOU to all of our wonderful clients!  We are honoured to be a part of your pets’ lives and to have established some truly cherished friendships with all of you!  We are here for you!  Stay safe & stay well.  We will get through this!


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