Take Me to the Water...

09 Feb 2018

Have you heard great things about UWT and our (hopefully soon to open) resistance pool? The strength and conditioning aspects, the mental stimulation, cardiovascular benefits... these are a few of the great things hydrotherapy can offer your dog. Whether you are interested in exercising during the winter months, training for a competition or are recovering from surgery or an injury, hydrotherapy can have many benefits.  In some cases, an owner may call The Canine Fitness Centre interes... More

Unapologetically Not Veterinarians

29 Dec 2017

All of our clients should be aware that the therapists at the Canine Fitness Centre are NOT veterinarians.  Instead, they all hold a degree in physical therapy. Most of the people who seek care at the clinic actually like the fact that physiotherapists are doing the physio on their dogs. However, now and then we get questions about why we didn’t go into veterinary medicine or what the difference is between a veterinarian or a technician doing rehab or a physio.  I want to address... More

Get Up and MOVE!

29 Aug 2017

By Sandra Oxtoby, BKiin, MScPT, Dipl. Canine Rehab (c)   The research that is coming out of the University of Pennsylvania in February 2016 has one simple message - Get Up and Move!    Activity is important for the health and improved life quality of EVERYONE, two legged and four legged.  Any sort of activity is associated with reduced mortality, and you don’t even have to get a good sweat on.  Medical researchers have found that for adults aged 50 – 79, ... More


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