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Are you the owner of an older dog, who loves him / her like a family member, and who is struggling with seeing your dog get older?  You may be worried about whether your dog is experiencing any pain and have concerns about his or her mobility.  We can help you to improve the physical functioning and quality of life of your dog and empower you to be a part of that process!

Are you the owner of a recently post-operative dog, who is stressed about getting your dog back to normal, pain-free activities?  You may feel scared, worried and hesitant about how to care for your pet.  We can help you to learn about the operation, proper after-care, set goals for recovery, and teach you how to help rehab your dog back to optimal function!

Are you the owner of a sporting-dog, frustrated or struggling with a specific injury or just a minor, but annoying performance problem?  Perhaps it's not a training issue, and likely there are specific things that could be done to remedy the situation.  We can help return your dog to maximum function as quickly as possible, with adjustments to the spine & joints, therapy for the muscles & tendons, and instruction in appropriate exercises to regain function!

Are you the owner of a lame dog, and you're upset that the lameness is not getting any better?  Perhaps you've not gotten answers as to why your dog is lame and you've not received any instructions on what do that that have worked!  We can help to figure out the lameness problem with the most thorough physical exam you're dog has ever received, pin point the problem, come up with a treatment plan, involve you in the treatment process - and if it's beyond the scope of our physio services, then we'll suggest other options!

We guarantee you will have a positive experience!

  • All of our rehabilitation therapists have a degree in physical therapy.
  • Our hydrotherapy is supervised by a retired animal health researcher with training in canine rehabilitation, and hydrotherapy.
  • Our support staff members are some of the friendliest and most helpful people you will find!

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